Health of arctic and antarctic bird populations


BIRDHEALTH publication from Kristin Prestrud about toxoplasmosis in Spitsbergen. 20071025
BIRDHEALTH publication from Olga Dolnik about a new species of Coccidia in snowbuntings. 20071022
BIRDHEALTH publication from Andres Barbosa about heat shock proteins in penguins. 20071004
BIRDHEALTH publication from Olga Dolnik about coccidiosis infection in arctic barnacle geese. 20070110
BIRDHEALTH publication from the NIOO-team about the effect of Avian Influenza on Bewick Swans. A scientific publication in Plos and a newspaper article in Dutch. 20070203
BIRDHEALTH publication from Andres Barbosa about geographic variation in immunoglobulins in penguins. 20060802
Full proposal send to the Norwegian IPY committee. 20060331
In support of other IPY-initiatives, Tony Gaston, Emily Jenkins and Mike Gill have received endorsement letters from the coordinator of BIRDHEALTH. 20060322
Full proposals in the Netherlands:
ProposalTheme Positions
Birdhealthgeneral project coordination
Loonensampling and experimentation post-doc + assistent
Piersmaecological immunlogy and geneticspost-doc
Klaassenavian influenza ph.d.
Heesterbeekmodelling post-doc
Abstracts can be found here.
The project is endorsed by CAFF. 20051213
A poster about the project used at ICARP II in Copenhagen and Wetlands International Goose Specialist Group in SOPRON can be found here. 20051112
The full proposal is evaluated by the International IPY committee 3 November 2005. The letter can be found here. 20051103
The full proposal to the International IPY commitee can be found here. Deadline for submission 30 September 2005. 20050930
The "Expression of intent for activities in IPY 2007-2008": exp_ipy_2.doc. Submitted to the international IPY committee 14 january 2005. 20050114