Note from Maarten: The Dutch IPY committee calls it endorsement and makes a direct relation with item 2.6 on the "Expression of intent". The UK committee has another reaction as displayed below. But still, they want to be informed before the planned projects. I think it is still essential that there is an official notification to the national IPY from within each country, so they know that within their country people are interested. I will check on details.

Hi Eileen

Nice to see this proposal come forward.

There is a misconception about National Committee endorsement - the IPY Joint Committee overseeing IPY wants the IPY National Committees involved so we have insisted that all proposals have to go to the relevant NC's for "endorsement". This keeps the NC in the loop and helps national coordination. However our instructions on the website make it clear that NC "endorsement" is not required by Jan 14th - but we do want evidence by June (when more detailed submissions are required) that the NC's have seen the proposals.

I am Secretary of the UK IPY Committee so in submitting the proposals to the IPY Programme Office (based here at BAS) the proposal is essentially being submitted to the UK Committee. I will be sorting all UK submissions and passing them to the UK-IPY NC in February.



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