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Spitsbergen, 9 June 2005

Dear colleagues,
You are all primary contacts of intended projects of the ipy.

1. There is a clear incentive of the international IPY committee to cluster EOI.
2. Funding has to come from national committees.

I hope that national funding will be more certain when the international IPY committee supports the project. This means, that it might be strategic to combine present EOI's to a full proposal, while we still keep the EOI's as units for which we seek national funding.

My project (61 BIRD HEALTH) is listed as a potential lead project. I can only see a potential for clustering when we combine all studies on birds.

Why me? Working at the Arctic Centre in the Netherlands, which aims at coordinating research, 5 out of 11 bird EOI's originate from the Netherlands, I am Dutch representative in CAFF and able of organizing a webforum: see (although at present not fully functional due to a program update on the webserver)

Time is short.
What is the plan?
Keep the original EOI's but make an umbrella proposal which focus on the unique nature of bird studies to access the changing environment. In this way we are trying to survive the next round for the international IPY committee. If it works we can use this in our applications for national committees, for which we keep more to the original EOI's.
The umbrella project will be managed as a forum on a website. Contributions can be used by all of us to improve our own EOI's. Only after EOI's are funded, we will try to optimize our efforts by discussing more detailed cooperation.

What do I need?
Your approval for this strategy
Suggestions for the final project proposal
A final check of the full proposal before submitting

EOI's which could be combined based on 61, 216, 388, 340, 456, 552, 553, 670, 680, 714, 785 Other suggestions???

I am looking forward to your reaction.

Maarten Loonen

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