In the summer of 2007, there are four expeditions sampling in Russia and three sampling on Spitsbergen.
Instructions about sampling can be found here.

The Russian samples will be analysed with Russian counterparts and will stay in Russia. I have tried to generate contact addresses in several localities.

At the Zoological Institute in St. Petersburg, we have the possibility to store samples in a -80 freezer. Our contact there is:
Natalia Abramson,, Molecular Biology, Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg Russia

Kasim Layshev, tel. + (3919) 468700; + (3919) 461758 - home; mob. 8-9135034579;
This is the Director of the Extreme North Agricultural Research Institute

Moskou: still not completely arranged
I am trying to contact the ringing centre:
Leninski Prospekt 86-310
Moskva 117313
tel: 095 138 2231
fax: 095 423 2613
mail: of

Spitsbergen / Svalbard
Samples are gathered in Longyearbyen at UNIS. Local contact: Christiaane Hübner, Svalbard Science Forum, email: