Health in arctic ad antarctic breeding birds

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Loonen, Maarten The Netherlands arctic goose ecology
Ebbinge, Bart The Netherlands international goose expert
Madsen, Jesper Denmark arctic goose ecology
Fouchier, Ron The Netherlands Virology
Hanssen, Sveinn Are NORWAY immunoecology
Klaassen, Marcel The Netherlands animal ecophysiology; migration; waterfowl and shorebirds; plant-animal interactions; long-distance connectivity; behaviour-based modelling
Olsen, Björn Sweden BIBO (Bird Borne Infections) infections in general, Avian Flu, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Tick/bird borne pathogens, Antibiotic resistant pathogens in particular
Bech, Claus Norway Energetics of arctic breeding birds
Hansbro, Phil Australia Sampling wild birds in Australia, Bird bourne infections such as Campylobacter & avian influenza virus
Heesterbeek, Hans The Netherlands population dynamics, theoretical epidemiology
Dorrestein, Gerry M. The Netherlands Veterinarian and pathologist specialist in avian diseases, exotic animals and wildlife. Specially interested in the relationship between pathogens and avian host, and the mechanisms involved.
Rose, Ian USA Breeding biology and population dynamics of arctic seabirds, particularly those breeding in the Bering Strait region of Alaska.
Muehle, Ralf-Udo Germany wetland ecology, waterfowl, migration
Barbosa, Andres Spain Interaction host-parasite, immunoecology, antarctic penguins, climate change
McCoy, Karen FRANCE evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions, seabirds, ectoparasites, tick-borne disease, immunoecology
Boulinier, Thierry France Population ecology, seabirds, evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions, ectoparasites, tick-borne disease, immunoecology
Savinova, Tatiana Norway Environmental contaminants in Arctic marine environment, effect of contaminants on arctic birds
Dolnik, Olga Germany/Russia Intestinal protozoan parasites (Coccidia) in migrating birds, host-parasite interactions
Gaston, Tony Canada Seabird ecology, demography
Sericano, Jose USA Organic Contaminants, Fate and Effects of Xenobiotics in the Environment (including Antarctic Birds).
Nol, Erica Canada Arctic shorebird ecology and conservation
Heinicke, Thomas Germany goose expert (especially Bean Goose complex), Bean Goose ringing program, German Goose monitoring program
Nash, Patricia Canada seabird ecology, contaminant sampling, effect of contaminants on waterfowl
Harding, Ann USA Feeding and breeding ecology of Arctic seabirds
Douglas, Causey USA Avian zoonotic disease, seabird genetics and ecology
Lanctot, Richard USA Shorebird breeding ecology at Barrow, Alaska
rockwell, robert usa population biology; snow geese
Müller, Thomas Germany epidemiology, virology, waterfowl, migration
Kruckenberg, Helmut Germany European Whitefronted Goose project, Goose migration, arctic experiences
Sagerup, Kjetil Norway Effect of contaminants on arctic seabirds, immunoecology
Gabrielsen, Geir Wing Norway Ecophysiology and ecotoxicology in birds
Stempniewicz, Lech Poland seabird ecology
Jenkins, Emily Canada wildlife veterinary medicine, parasitology, disease ecology
Gavrilo, Maria RUSSIA Marine bird population status, distribution and conservation, Arctic and Antarctic
van den Brink, Nico The Netherlands wildlife ecotoxicologist, Antarctic environmental contamination
Bustnes, Jan Ove Norway Arctic bird ecology, ecotoxiclolgy
Erikstad, Kjell Einar Norway Seabird population ecology,life history evolution
Galaktionov, Kirill Russia Parasites of Arctic marine and shorebirds: fauna, life cycles, transmission
Cromie, Ruth United Kingdom Veterinarian, responsible for the monitoring and research into animal health of wild birds and collections of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
Rees, Eileen United Kingdom Migratory swans and geese. Research Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Expeditions to Iceland and Arctic Russia.
Bezrukov, Volodymyr Ukraine Penguines and scua, population gene pool, genome instability, correlation of genetic markers and quantitative traites
Reneerkens, Jeroen Netherlands waders
Piersma, Theunis Netherlands animal ecology, waders
Tieleman, Irene The Netherlands animal ecophysiology
Nolet, Bart Netherlands wildfowl ecology
Ganter, Barbara Germany breeding waders in N Norway
Munster, Vincent The Netherlands influenza virology
Palinauskas, Vaidas Lithuania avian blood parasites; distribution, specificity and effect to hosts.
Banks, Jonathan New Zealand Evolutionary biology and host-parasite coevolution especially of penguins
van der Jeugd, Henk The Netherlands evolutionary ecology of waterfowl
Nanayakkara, Aravinda srilanka conservation of birds reptiles and amphebiens. immunoecological studies on the srilankan forests and ecologicaly importad areas.
Lebedeva-Hooft, Lena The Netherlands shorebirds and passerines; migration; ecology. Migrate now myself between Groningen and Russia.

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