Health in arctic and antarctic breeding birds

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As my part of the project I am planning checking the birds for intestinal parasites, in particular Coccidiosis. I do not know what kind of sampling you do (blood, feathers, faeces, etc.), I just thought may be it makes sense if I can join it so that I get faeces samples of your birds (if you do not need them by your own) to check for Coccidiosis. It would be easier for me to get the money if I don't have to include my travel costs to every project site, and for you it will be additional money for sampling, and we can publish the results together. The data of Coccidia infection (Coccidia species, prevalence and intensity) may be put together with the other data on birds state and health, separate or as a general picture (as age and body mass, other parasite infections, survival and predator risk, number of eggs, chicks, survival of chicks, contamination and many others). I hope at least part of our project can become a complex study made by a team of specialists from different fields. Many thanks to Maarten for starting this work! The very best for you all, Cheers Olga Dolnik

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