Health in arctic and antarctic breeding birds

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The call by NWO for tyhe IPY is out. I want to bring together all Dutch partners and provide better information via our website

Deadline for full proposal IPY Netherlands 18 January 2005
Proposed meeting of Dutch participants: one day in Groningen (Aweg 30) between 7 and 12 January 2005, inclusive
Proposed meeting international partners 23-24 March 2005

For the meeting of Dutch partners:
The group has a broad expertise and I think we can state that the Netherlands has a long tradition in arctic bird research. We have to discuss themes (see belowe), tasks (who is doing what), money dependencies (how much do we rely on IPY funding) and funding programmes (IPY, STW open call, NWO open call, ministery of agriculture).

Themes to discuss:
Monitoring: develop a sampling protocol, where to sample, how will analyse
Model species: barnacle geese, brent geese, pinkfooted goose, bewick’s swan
Field sites: Spitsbergen, Taymir, Petsjora
Ecological immunology
Parasitology: coccidiosis, cestodes, nematodes ecto-parasites
Virusses: avian influenzea, newcastle disease, west nile virus
Pollution levels
Use of dead birds
Modelling: when?
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 Hi everyone, The dates for the international meeting in March are good for me. Merry chritsmas and happy new year Andres
Dolnik, Olga: reaction on previous text
 Hi everyone! 23-24 March is fine for me, too. See you there. Merry Christmas! Olga

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