Health in arctic and antarctic breeding birds

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Hei Maarten, proposed project looks very interesting - good work! I am writing to you in order to raise a question, which is extremely important, on my opinion, for birds from the Arctic regions - interaction between environmental contaminants and parasite invasion, especially during the breeding season when the lipids redistribution (and contaminants incorporated into the lipids) took place. There were several publications shown a very good correlation between persistent organic contaminant levels and parasite invasion. Our institute Akvaplan-niva, has been cooperating with the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Russian research institutes (Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences and Typhoon, Russian Federal Service on Hydrometeorology and Monitoring) in studying contaminants and parasites in Svalbard marine birds. I think it will be benefit for the project, if you will add to you project plan some contaminant studies. At least for Svalbard region, where marine birds have quite elevated levels of different types of established POPs (pesticides, PCBs etc.) and, so-called, a new compounds (PCDD/PCDFs, PBDEs, toxaphene etc.) and where were done some researches on Glaucous Gull immune systems response to contaminant levels, these studies will bring a good results. If you will find this suggestion interesting, I will be glad to contribute to the project and participate in it together with 2 Russian partners. You can contact me by phone or e-mail. Regards and good luck with the proposal, Tatiana Savinova, Ph.D. Research Scientist/Senior Consultant Akvaplan-niva, Polar Environmental Centre N-9296, Tromsoe, Norway tel. +47 77750347 fax +47 77750301 Home +47 77640582 Mob. +47 99404532 e-mail
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 Dear Tatiana, for the final plan in June, we have to think about adding the realtion between contaminants and immune system. Sofar, several people who have joined have stated contaminents as their interest. Important in the whole project will be to use marked individuals for experiments to test any relation.

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