Health in arctic and antarctic breeding birds

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Dr. Loonen: I am possibly interested in joining your proposal, if you would have me, but need to know the implications in doing so, from a work load perspective. What are the expectations of researchers involved in the IPY? Also, I work with the Canadian Wildlife Service and one of our scientists is preparing a 'seabird' proposal that I could also possibly join. My field research (started in 2004 and will to continue until 2007 inclusive)is examining the health of glaucous gull chicks in relation to contaminant levels in their tissues. The study is being done in the Canadian arctic. I am looking, among other things, at immune function, using the skin swelling response to PHA and the primary immune response to sheep red blood cell injection. I may modify my project to include more sensitive antigens, depending on the possibility of finding collaborators trained in doing ELISA and who also have a supply of antibodies that will react with gull antibodies.
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 Dear Mark, I think your project fits beautifully. There is no commitment yet into joining. The list of interested people will be used to show the importance of the project and people will stay informed of every step. Later, more work might be needed, but you can always decide to redraw your partnership.

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