Health in arctic and antarctic breeding birds

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The original deadline for full proposals (30 June 2005) is extended. We have to develop a full proposal. From the international IPY I have heard that clustering is needed. But funding needs to come from national organisations. However international approval helps. So I have been think about clustering and tried to make a few contacts. If anyone has a reaction at the moment, please post it here. On the proposal: we will also include contaminants as factors which interact with health. Furthermore, we will change arctic to polar so antarctic studies can be included too.
Lanctot, Richard: reaction on previous text
 Maarten, I think the low response to your inquiry comes from people being in the field rather than a lack of interest. I am just back for a week before heading out again. I think your approach of combining projects through this web site is the best you can do, short of a formal meeting of principal investigators. I also think people are hesitant to put too much time into this project given that no funds have been obligated and that we might simply get a nod of approval. Having said this, I wanted you to know that I can collect health data on shorebirds in Barrow, Alaska, and indeed, this year we are collecting samples for testing avian influenza. This is our third year of our project so we are also in the position to study the effects of health problems on the survival of a few species with high site fidelity. I noticed in your original proposal that you did not state much in the methods about how we would measure adult survival, although this is a stated goal in the original plan abstract. Anyway, please let me know how I can help. I am away from 22 June to 8 July but then back the remaining part of July and early August.
Barbosa, Andres: reaction on previous text
 Hi Maarten, It is very interesting to include the study of contaminants and their effects on immunity and to include antarctic birds as well. I am now working with variation in heat shock proteins in several species of antarctic penguins. The variation in these proteins is usually related with contamination. I think your idea of the umbrella proposal relating bird studies and changing environment (climate change?) is fine. I also include two more EOIs that could be related 356 and 379. From the Spanish national commeettee I know that it will be an special call for projects related to proposals included in the IPY.

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