Health in arctic and antarctic breeding birds

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Dear Maarten and everyone, Thank you for the info. I agree with you that a lot of work is needed to implement the project. I have already financial support for our sampling in Antarctic within our current project, however in December the Spanish government will release an special call for the IPY and we will apply demanding money for new analyses not included in the current project. The sample sites are already defined. They are as follows including the species that will be sampled: Cove Potter, King George island (6215S 5837W). P. antarctica, P. papua, P. adeliae Hannah Point, Linvingston Island (6239S 6036W), P.papua Deception island(6300S 6040W), P. antartica George Point, Ronge Island (6440S 6240W), P. antartica, P.papua Yalour Island (6446S 6404W), P. adeliae Avian Island (6746S 6843W), P. adeliae Cheers, Andres

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